(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

A Journey of 30 Years for Rural Development
        Under Leadership of Sasanka Maity
                Implement of the Project

At A Glance

National Programme- 1988-2005
    1 Mother & Child Health
    2 Improvement Smokeless Chulla Construct
    3 National Environment Awarness
    4 Lost Cost Sanitation Construction

Establishment of Multiple Educational Institution

  1. A Residential Special School for Blind & Mentalli Retarded Children
  2. Rabindra Opening School for School droupout Student
  3. Special School for Hearing impairment Chidren
  4. English Medium School for Normal Children
  5. Diploma in Special Education Course for Special Teachers Training(D ED SE ID)
  6. Diploma in Elementary Education Course for Primaryl Teachers Training(D ED ED)
  7. Bacheler of Education Course for Secondary Teachers Training(B ED)
  8. Centre Base Home(Samarth) for Multiple disabilities Persons

Community Development Programme

  1.  Community F.M. Radio Station namely Pallibangla F.M. Radio 91.2
  2. Mass marriage ceremony for poor family
  3. New Home construction for Homeless People
  4. Piece & Spritual Programme
  5. Games & Sport Competition Programme
  6. Skilled base Training Centre
  7. Workshop & Seminar Programme

Health & Rehabilation Programme

  1. Indian Red Cross health Clinic
  2. Ambulance Service
  3. Counseling Centre
  4. Therapy Centre
  5. PT & Yoga, Meditation

Cultural & Creative Work

  1. Music, dance & Drama Acting
  2. Documentary Film Making for Social Community
  3. Cultural Competition
  4. Monthly Magazine Publishing
  5. Function, Festivel & Rathayatra Fair

Building Insfrastrual

  1. Rani Rasmoni Bhawan- Three Storied
  2. Maa Sarada Bhawan- Three Storied
  3. Nivedita Bhawan- Three Storied
  4. Swami Vivekananda Bhawan- Three Storied
  5. Kalpataru Bhawan- Three Storied
  6. Anandalok Bhawan- Three Storied
  7. Panchabati Bhawan- Three Storied
  8. Ananda Asram Bhawan- Two Storied
  9. Maa Anandamoye Tample- Two Storied
  10. Dakshineswar Bhawan- Two Storied
  11. Kamarpukur Bhawan- Two Storied
  12. Jayrambati Bhawan- Two Storied
  13. Canteen Stall


Land Avalable
* Play Ground  *  Open Stage   *  Multipurpose Hall   *   Lab   *  Canteen  
* Pank     *    Gardening   *    Green Lawn    *    Pure Drink water Supply 
*    Power Station     *     Art & Craft Gallery   *    Tample

Total Employment

Parmanent Emploment-  56
Contactual   - 10
Voluntary      -  8

Future Programme

  1. Rural Agricultural Development
  2. Education & Employment Generation
  3. Making Village    -   Making Bengal     -     Making India

Multiple Projects under one Umbrella:

Our MoynaRamkrishnayan Association was set up in 1990 and since then we have beenimplementing various development projects of both State and CentralGovernments. Later,  we have beenimplementing multiple projects under one umbrella scheme. They are-

1.     Residential Special School for Blind andMentally Retarded Children, sponsored by Dept. of Mass Education Extension,Govt. of West Bengal.

2.     English Medium School for general children,Affiliated by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, (W.B.B.S.E.).

3.     Diploma in Special Education (Two YearsTeachers’ Training Course) Approved by Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI)Affiliated by Govt. of West Bengal.

4.     Health Clinic Centre under Indian Redcross.

5.     Community Radio Station approved by Ministry ofInformation and Broadcasting, Govt. of India. Various programmes are beingbroadcasted from our own studio at Moyna.

6.     Two Years B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. Teachers’ TrainingCourse Recognized by N.C.T.E. and Affiliated by W.B.U.T.T.E.P.A. and WestBengal Board of Primary Education (W.B.B.P.E.).

7.     Various Training by M.S.M.E. and otherGovernment Sectors.

There are separate committees for everyproject for smooth and proper implementation of the projects. A large number ofcommunity people have been benefitted from the projects and are benefittedstill.

Health Programme:

Our Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association runs a Health Clinic in itspremises. The said clinic has been running under Indian Red Cross Unit for last15 years. Two registered doctors conduct the unit. The clinic providesallopathic and homeopathic medicines to the patients free of cost. Apart fromthis, we have our own ambulance available for public for 24 hours. We alsoprovide Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Counselling from our clinic. TheClinic was initially set up for the treatment of the Mentally Retarded andBlind children of our Residential Special School. Later the service is providedto community people also. In future, our sister organisations have takeninitiative and have applied to concerned authority to start a PharmaceuticalInstitution offering B.Pharm and D.Pharm Courses.

Our Cultural Progarmmes:

Culturalconsciousness plays an important role behind the rising of a country andnation. Our country India has a glorious cultural heritage rich with differentlanguage, culture, customs and manners. We also arrange various culturalfestivals and programmes to encourage creativity and to carry forward the richand glorious heritage of our country.


1.     We have our own well decorated temple and prayerhall where various worshipping, offering are done regularly and the birthanniversaries of the great and noble persons, national important days arecelebrated.

2.     We have our own open stage in our campus wherevarious cultural programmes with song, dances, dramas and others are arrangedregularly and the community people participate in them. Our annual culturalprogramme and competition are also arranged there.

3.     On the occasion of RatahaJatra (the ChariotFestival), the our own Rath is dragged and there is arrangement for Prasad forcommunity people. The community people participate irrespective of their casteand religion. That helps to grow the sense of national integration amongcommunity people.

4.     We broadcast various programmes from ourCommunity Radio Centre “Pallibangla F.M. 91.2” for community people and theythemselves participate in those programmes.

5.     We arrange the Basanta Utsab (festival ofSpring) and Rakhi Bandhan Utsab and those grow the sense of brotherhood, unityand peace among community people.

6.     We have made some documentary films showing andhighlighting the ancient heritage, historical important places and geographicalspecialities of our area and through them, we have been able to grow awarenessand knowledge about our area among community people and others.

Our Exceptional Achievements:


1.     We have set up a Residential Special School forBlind, Mentally Retarded and Hearing Impaired Children and providing themEducation, Health and Rehabilitation services through our regular and variousprogrammes. We are the first in the district to provide service to thosespecial children.

2.     We set up a Study Centre of Rabindra OpenSchooling and have been able to help 6500 dropout students to clear MadhyamikExamination. Thus we have played our role to make Sarba Shiksha MissionSuccessful.

3.     We have brought 5000 families under the projectof Modern Smokeless Chula. Thus we have been able to play our role indecreasing pollution as well as restoring the health of women of the common andpoor families.

4.     One of our Mentally Retarded student MissSagarika Hazra won Gold Medal in 25 metre swimming in Para Olympic held in Sanghai,China in 2007.

5.     With the help of Anandalok Hospital, Kolkata andsome honourable industrialists,  we havebuilt single room pucca building for 4500 homeless families in our Moyna area.

6.     We have set up our own Community Radio Station“Pallibangla F.M. 91.2” in our block Moyna in 2017 and it is the firstCommunity Radio Station in the Purba Medinipur district. We run the CommunityRadio Centre at our own cost and we have been able to build a model ofdevelopment of education, health, agriculture and culture.

7.     As a result of our initiative, a women FarmersProducer Company has been formed and registered under the Ministry of CorporateAffairs, Govt. of India with 1500 members for the development of farmers andagriculture in our area. Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association plays the role ofMentor of that FPC.

8.     We have made some documentary films and stagedsome dramas on social communication.