(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

Pallibangla91.2 Theme Song

For the first time in Purba & Paschim Medinipur A Commercial FM Radio Station Establish by the Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association namely Pallibangla 91.2

Our Community Radio Station, A Development Tool:

Of late, UNESCOhas taken initiative for setting up Community Radio stations through out theworld as a tool of Community Development. The Ministry of Information andBroadcasting, Govt. of India is permitting various Non-GovernmentalOrganisations in different states to set up Community Radio Stations. We alsoapplied to the concerned authority for permission of setting up a CommunityRadio Station and received the same in 2016. In 2017, we started our broadcastingfrom our Community Radio Station, “Pallibangla F.M. 91.2” as the only CommunityRadio Station of Purba Medinipur district. Now for the development of our ruralcommunity people, we are broadcasting various awareness programmes on Health,Education, Agriculture and Culture and various entertainment programmes. Thus,we have been able to establish our Community Radio Station as one of thestrongest media in our area. Our Community Radio Station has completed itsfourth year successfully and from our experience, we have realized thatCommunity Radio Station is an important medium of fulfilling the needs anddemands of community people. During the recent Pandemic situation, we haveregularly broadcasted various relevant programmes of UNICEF. We have been remarkablysuccessful in providing community people and the patients mental support andcourage as well as important information. We have set some receivers and soundboxes at Safe Homes and Quarantine Centres to provide them important messages,information as well as entertainment. It has also been accepted as an importantmedium to fight natural disaster as it ca instantly reach community medium.