(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

National Environment awarness Compaing

Founded by - Ministry of Environment & Forest Dept. Govt. of India
Coverage Area- 10 No Village
Nodal Agency- 
Service-  Free Pollution, Free Environment

Construction of Empowerment Smokeless chulla Project

Funded by-        Ministry of Non-conventional Energy
Duration-           1994- 1999
Coverage Area-  60 no Villages
Nodal Agency-   S.W. Dept. Govt. of W.B.
Benefited-         16.500 family
Service- Safe Fual, Safe Health of Rural Women self Empayment work 

Low Cost Sanitation Project

Funded By-         UNICEF
Duration-            2001 - 2007
Coverage-           31 No Villages
Nodal Agency-     Rural & Panchayet Dept. Govt. of W.B.
Benefited-           3000 Family
Service-    Safe Health & Hygienic, Clean Village community

Residential Special School For Blind & Mentally Retarded Children.

Established-      1999
Sponsored By-   Mass Education Extension Dept. Govt. of W.B.
Target Group-    Blind & Mentally Retarded Children
Duration-  Continuous Project
Benefited- 125 No Students Every Year, 22 No Angle Permanent Teaching & Non Teaching Staff.
Service-     Spl. Education, Health Vocational & Rehabilitation of the society.

Rabindra Open School W.B.

Affiliated By- 
Funded By-       Beneficiaries Contribution
Target Group-   Droup out Students
Duration-          2002- 2014
Benefited-         5500 no Student Madhyamic
Service-    Successfully Pass Out Sarba Siksha Mission

Special School for Speech & Hearing Impairment

Aided- Ministry of Social Justices Empowerment Dept. Govt. India
Target Group- Speech & Hearing Impairment Children
Benefited- 225 nos Student
Service- Education, Health Rehabilitation Sport, Relation bring them main stream of the Society

New Home For Homeless People Program

Funded By- Anandalok Hospital (Kolkata)
Target Group- Rural Community People
Duration- 2007 to 2017
Benefited- 4500 No Family
Service- Fundamental rich of fulfillment

Mother & Child Health Programme

Founded By- Organisation Own Contribution
Duration- 1990- 1994
Coverage area- 10 no Villages
Collaboration- Moyna Block Primary Health Centre
Service- Vaccination, Family Planning Safe Delivery

Geographical Information of Our Organisation and the Area of Our Activities:

Our block Moyna is a well known block situated in coastal area ofBay-of-Bengal, in the district of Purba Medinipur in the state of West Bengalin the south-eastern part of India. The block is like a basin surrounded by therivers Cossye, Keleghai and Chandia. In the agricultural field, 80% of the landis used in Fresh Water Pisciculture in Moyna Model. The rest of the land isused in Betel Leaf Production and others. In addition to that, Carpet Weavingis the most remarkable small industry of the block. Among the total populationof 2,50,000 people, 65% people are engaged in pisciculture and carpet weaving.The seasonal weather is favourable for agriculture. The fish tourism is themost remarkable industry, flourishing here.