(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

Our Rehabilitation Programme:

We have beenrunning Special Education Programme for last twenty years. So we have beensuccessful in producing properly trained Rehab Worker. We strictly abide by theNorms and Standards of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and as per theirinstruction, we have been working for the rehabilitation of the disablepersons. At the same time, we are earnestly working for the rehabilitation forthe deprived women of our society. We provide service through Home Visit, EarlyIntervention Programme, Advocacy, Counselling and Training Programme. In ourResidential Special School, the disable children are taught Daily Activities ofLife, Toothing, Toileting, Prayer, Tiffin, eating, Schooling, Playing, Yoga,P.T., Vocational Training. They are also provided with Occupation Therapy,Music Therapy, Art Therapy and others to bring them back in the main stream ofsociety. Our campus is rich in natural beauty fresh air and missionaryatmosphere. It is surrounded by wide water body. We have our own playground,open stage and beautiful park and garden. The whole atmosphere  provides mental tranquility and happiness andhelps a lot in real rehabilitation service.

A Residential Special School for Blind & MR Children (Sponsored by Govt. of West Bengal)

This Special Schoolof our Organisation received the Sponsorship of Mass Education Extension Dept.Of Govt. of West Bengal in the year 2005. Now, there are 22 Teaching andNon-Teaching  Staff who are providing 125Students Special Education, Health, Vocational Training and Rehabilitationround the clock. The students are receiving Schooling, Training of DailyActivities of Life, Training of  P.T.& Yoga, Knowledge and Training of Reading and Writing, Recreation, Training of Gardening, Training ofCultural Activities, Counselling, Early Early-Intervention, Family Counselling,Drum Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and various workshops.  Among the 125 students, 86 are residentialand the rest are from local community.

Red Cross Unit (Health Clinic & Ambulance Service)

          In our institute, we are providinghealth service to our residential students, especially to the special childrenincluding MR, VI, and HI students. Regularly health checks up and immunisationsare done for them. Each week one M.B.B.S. doctor visits our special students.We maintain food nutrition for the students. Beside this, a Jr. Red cross unitopens their service for 24 hours for the primary treatment for the rest of thestudents. We also supply free medicine. There are a number of Red cross lifemember in our institute. Moreover there is 24 hours Ambulance service foremergency case. Beside this, we are arranging various camp for health awarenessand supply pure drinking water to the local people for the interest of publichealth. We also arrange counseling programme for the behaviour modification ofthe students.