(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

Founder Cum Secretary

Sasanka Maity

( Community Leader or Social Entrepreneur)
Date of Birth-      25.08.1962
Nationality-         Indian
Education-           M.A.(Double)

Professional Qualification-        P.GDSE(MR) Post Graduate of Diploma for Special Education for Mentally Retarded
Service-                     Special School Teachers Sponsored by Govt of W.B.
Others Activities-     Community Leader for Social Entrepreneur
Creative Work-         Drama Actor, Book Writer, Documentary Film Script Writer, Good Motivator Orators.
Award recipient-       State Award from Governor of Govt. of W.B.
Work Experience-    30 Year Community Development


Jayasri Maiti
(Our Chief Patron)
Date of Birth-     17.10.1962
Nationality-         Indian
Educational Qualification-     M.A. (Bengali)
Professional Qualification-    G.N.M., PHNE&A

Service-               Health & Family Planning Dept. Govt. of W.B.
Other Activities-    Community Health & Social Work, Health Councillor
Creative Work-      Poem Writter,
Award recipient-    National Award from Ex President of India
Work Experience-  32 years Health Service under Govt. of W.B.

Special School Sponser

Bidyut Maiti

(Caption our Organisation)
Date of Birth-        1974
Nationality-           Indian
Education Qualification-       M.A. (Double)
Professional Qualifiaction-   D.SE.(MR)

Service-                   Special School Teacher Sponsored by Govt. of W.B.

Other Activities-      Education Counselor & Social worker

Creative Work-        Project designer & Drafting

Award Recipient-     MSME Award from MSME Dept. Govt. in India.

Work Experience-    25 years Social Work

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2nd Generation Team Leader

Subhranka Maity
Date of Birth-       02.10.1991
Nationality-          Indian
Education-           M.A.(Psy), B.Ed.
Professional Qualification-      Digital Editing of Film
Work Experience-  5 years Organisation Management
Creative Work-      Cinematography
Award Recipient-   New Startup Award from FASII 

3rd Generation Team Leader

Binamra Maiti

Date of Birth-     15.08.2008
Nationality-        Indian
Education-         Convent School Student

Legal Adviser

                Advocate                                Address
1. Mr. Sital Chakraborty                          Allipur Court 
2. Mr. Aninda Bhattacharjee               Calcutta High Court
3. Mr. Santosh Maiti                            Tamluk Div Court    


Sandeep Das

Bank Details

1 State Bank of India
2 United Bank of India
3. Punjab National Bank
4. Allahabad Bank
5. TGCC Bank

Life Members & Managing Committee List

        Name                         Occupation                          Destination
1. Chittaranjan Das              Ex-Teacher Magazine Editor                     president
2. Sasanka Maity        Special Educator & Social Entrepreneur        Founder Secretary
3. Bidyut Maiti                Special Educator & Social Worker               Asst. Secretary
4. Mantu Ghorai             
 Special Educator & Social Worker           Cultural Secretary
5. Sikha Bej                     
Special Educator & Social Worker                  Treasurer 
6. Mohuya Manna                Lecturer & Social Worker                        Exe. Member

7. Rabati Maiti                                  Social Worker                              Exe. Member

From the Founder Secretary’s Desk

We have passedtwo decades of 21st Century and have reached 2021. We have beenwitness of several revolutionary steps of both Central and State Govt. like thestarting of GST, De-monetization. When the economic growth of our countrystarted to rise high, we faced the pandemic COVID-19 and at the same time astrike on economic and social development. The production of the countrystumbled and is till not usual due to the lockdown for this pandemic. Thousandsof migrant laborers and general people have lost their employment. We as aNon-Governmental Organization are conscious of our duties and have joined thebattle against this pandemic with the Government. We have made community peopleaware about their health issues and health safety. We have arranged fordistribution of food among community people, 24 hours Ambulance Service, HearseService, emergency Oxygen supply etc. A list have been made and registered forvaccination against COVID-19. Above all, our own Community Radio Station“Pallibangla F.M. 91.2” is always active to make people aware about variousissues. We have broadcasted and are till broadcasting awareness message againstCOVID-19 every hour. We have also started online classes of our educationalinstitutes and have kept it running.

            In this situation, we have taken initiativethrough our sister organizations to implement various projects for developmentof rural agricultural development and industrial development. Though, our villagesare developing rapidly, the disable persons and deprived women are tillneglected lagging behind. For their rehabilitation, we have arranged variousprojects for their education, training and employment. We are also going toimplement Education-cum-Income Generation Programme in our Campus. We have alsoset up an agro-based institution to double the income of the farmers and ourMoyna Ramkrishnayan Association has been working as the Mentor of theagro-based Organisation. I have been sincerely and dedicatedly playing my roleand duty as the Founder-Secretary of the Association for last 30 years. Formaking the rural development sustainable and regular, I have appointed newyoung members. I have firm conviction that the knowledge and experience of our agedmembers and the dynamism, mobility and courage of the young members will helpus to reach a new dimension of development of our community.