(A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization)

Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association (Establishment 1990)

Founded By-  Sasanka Maity                                                                                                         Jayasri Maiti

Brief History of the Organisation

Our well-knownblock Moyna is situated in the coastal area of Bay of Bengal in the PurbaMedinipur district in West Bengal, in the south-eastern part of India.

            It is a historical block rich with ancientheritage of nearly thousand years. Geographically, it is like a bowl surroundedby the rivers Cossye, Keleghai and Chandia. For last few decades, it was markedas a flood-prone block. In the devastating flood in 1984, maximum houses andentire crops of the block were damaged. At that time, Ramkrishna Math andMission ran a relief camp for the people of the block. Inspired by them, aneducated young man of the block, Mr. Sasanka Maity, actively participated inthe camp as a volunteer. Later, Mr. Sasanka Maity and his wife Mrs. JayashriMaity were initiated in the ideology of Sri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekanandaand set up a voluntary organization “Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association” in1992.Initially, they ran the organization with their private fund and startedactivities in Education, Health and Rural Development. Then they materializedthree national projects in next six years. Later Mr. Sasanka Maity formed agroup of local youth and initiated them in the ideology of Sri Ramkrishna tocontinue and spread the activities of the Organization. One of the members ofthe said group, Mr. Bidyut Maiti proposed for a Special School for Blind andMentally Retarded children. The organization started the said school in arented house in 1998. In the next few years, the organization had its own landand a few buildings and infrastructure one by one. In this way, with theideology of Serving People is Serving God, Moyna Ramkrishnayan Associationestablished itself by providing service to the backward and economically weakerpeople of the rural area through Multiple Education, Health, Culture,Cultivation, Employment and Rehabilitation.

About Us

The two decadesof the 21st Century is already passed. Globalization is now in theway of rapid evolution. Now in this age of information-technology, AI and IOThave appeared as a huge leap in progress. But this extreme development hassuddenly been grasped by the pandemic of COVID-19. The human civilizationaround the globe is now at a crisis. To face the pandemic, most of the world islocked down for last one year. The people around the world are facingunprecedented economical crisis and the crisis of distancing. In thissituation, we should not leave everything on government. People, especially theorganizations of people must come forward otherwise, the country like Indiawith its 140 crore population will lag behind in the basic fields likecultivation, education, health and industry. Unemployment will increase byleaps and bounds. In this situation, our Organization, with its experience of30 years, has formed some sister organizations for the development of ruralareas with prior importance on multiple education, health, cultivation,industry and culture.

            Now, under the supervision of ourorganization, some projects are being materialized for the development of theeconomically weaker people and Divyang people by ensuring their employment andproper income.  We are now running aResidential Special School for Blind and Mentally Retarded Children, EnglishMedium School, Open School, Teachers Training Courses, Community Radio Station,Red Cross Unit, Mass Marriage, Home for Shelterless People and others.

            All the members of our Organizationhave unanimously decided to fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. We haveprovided food and essential items to economically weaker people and the migrantlabourers during the first lockdown period. We have broadcasted the programmesof UNICEF and other Govt. Institutes regarding COVID-19 from our CommunityRadio Station “Palli Bangla F.M.91.2”to create and spread awareness as well asto encourage community people to fight with the deadly disease. The buildingsof our organization have been used as Quarantine Centre and later as Safe Homeby the State Govt.

            After an year, the 2ndwave of the pandemic has created a great crisis for the human civilization. Ourorganization is using our Community Radio Station “Palli Bangla F.M. 91.2” tofight against this pandemic. It is the only Community Radio Station in ourdistrict and through it we are spreading the message of awareness and socialsafety to the people of our Moyna block and the surrounding areas and trying toencourage them and aware them against the deadly disease.

            In future, we are determined for to develop ourcommunity and play our role in building self-dependent India. So in our vision,in addition to Multiple Education Extension, we have put emphasis on EmploymentGeneration Programme for development of rural community. With the activecooperation of our each member, we shall progress jointly in our mission.

Our Community Leadership

With the blessings of information and technology, the human civilizationthrough out the world is going through evolution. India with its 135 crorepopulation is also a part of it. The most of the population of our country isvillage centered and 65% of the total population is dependent on agriculture.In this age of globalization, the villages of India are in the way of rapiddevelopment with the golden touch of information and technology. A large partof educated people of villages has shifted in towns and cities due to theirprofession. The rest of the people of the villages are till not so educated andare till grabbing the superstitions due to their ignorance. The villages aretill directed by age old beliefs and ideas instead of modern and scientificthought. Instead of feelings of neighbourhood, they are inculcating the thoughtand feelings of jealousy and rivalry. The development of the villages arehampered by negative thought and political partiality. Some bureaucrats ofGovernment are using the opportunity and their bureaucratic mentality causes alot of hindrance in setting up small industries in villages. The same thinghappens in the case of getting bank loan. To help the people to get rid of thesituation, the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have an important role to play. Our Organizationunder the proper leadership of Mr. Sasanka Maity, is trying our level best tomotivate them through advocacy, early-intervention and group-meeting. We havebeen able to unite them to spread multipurpose education, health consciousness,culture and bring about development in agriculture. We have been especiallysuccessful in rehabilitating the disable people, deprived women and othereconomically backward people of our area. The Women and Child DevelopmentDepartment, Govt. of West Bengal recognized our success by conferring on us theBest State Award in 2012 for our continuous effort in development of disabledpersons. Our Founder Secretary, Mr. Sasanka Maity was awarded the IndividualOutstanding Best Organizer Award by the then Governor Mr. Kesharinath Tripathiin 2014 by the same department for his successful leading in the same field. Wehave formed several sister organisations for the development of agriculture andindustries after the COVID-19 Pandemic is over. Our Founder Secretary Mr.Sasanka Maity is providing his valuable advices and instructions to the eachsister organization as the Mentor. In future, we hope  and believe that our area will be smartvillage through the development of agriculture, health, education and culture withthe initiatives from both Government and Non-Government sectors.


We visualize a society in which rural  people are self- reliant and possess  equal rights and  opportunity with dignity tohave better quality of life in order to uplift the society where they can livein peace and harmony.

Our Mission:

Ourmission is to empower rural women, persons with disabilities, youth andstudents through participation. To make them self-sufficient is our targetmilestone. Our promise is to transform the rural economy by creation ofemployment, enriching their lives through integrated education, skill basedtraining and to encourage them to find sustainable livelihood.

Nature of Organisation:

Our organisation is a Non-Governmental,Non-Profitable, Non-Political , Non-Commercial and Non-Communal Organisationworking for grass root level implementation of philanthropic  ideas.

Main Aims & Objectives:

i)                   To provideEducation, health care and rehabilitation by the integrated education throughone umbrella project to the different types of children( able and Disable).

ii)                 To rehabilitateand to bring to the social main stream the rural children(able and disable)from poor family.

iii)               To provide everychild with equal rights, opportunity and dignity.

iv)               To achieve thedevelopment of the people in the society for self-employment programme throughcommunity leadership for entrepreneurship on rural area.

v)                 To empower thePWD  & women. To work formillennium  development of community.


Legal Status:

i)                   This Organizationis running smoothly and successfully since last 28 years to till date with allrenewal.

ii)                 Our Organizationis registered under the societies Act., 1961.

iii)               Our organizationis registered under the PWD Act., 1995

iv)               This organizationalso have the registration 12AA

v)                 Our organizationhas the registration of 80G under the Income Tax Act of India.

vi)               Our Organizationalso has the FCRA Registration.

vii)              This organizationis running a Residential Special for the Blind & the Mentally RetardedChildren under the sponsored by the Govt. of West Bengal.

viii)            A ResidentialSpecial School for Hearing Impaired student aided by the Govt. of India.

ix)                Community RadioStation permitted by Govt. of India.

x)                 English MediumSchool affiliated by  West Bengal Boardof Secondary Education under Govt. of W.B.

xi)                Certificate ISO9001 : 2008

xii)              Certificate ofAccreditation of Credibility Alliance.

Our Past Activities:

a)                 Mother &child Health Programme

b)                 ImprovementSmokeless Chulla Programme Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Source Dept.Govt. of India. Nodal Agency- Social Welfare Dept. Govt. Of W.B. 1994-2001.

c)                 NationalEnvironment Awareness Camp: Sponsored by Ministry of Environment & ForestDept. Govt. of India Nodal Agency- Fundamental Researched -1995-2000

d)                 Low costSanitation Programme at Hirbandh Block, District of Bankura- 2001- 2008,sponsored by UNICEF & Govt. of W.B.

e)                 SAMARTH Scheme,Home based Centre for PWD, affiliated by National Trust

f)                  Special Schoolfor Speech and Hearing Impaired ChildrenAffiliated by S.J.& E Dept. Govt.Of India.

g)                 CommunityDevelopment Training Programme: DIC, MSME, Coir Board and Coconut Board Govt.of India.

h)                 West BengalCouncil of Rabindra Open Schooling for dropout student

                        Recognized by Govt. ofW.B.

i)                   Mass Marriage –100 Couples Sponsored by Anandalok Hospital

j)                   To build newhomes for the homeless people Sponsored by Anandalok Hospital